Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Eggs

Tonight we dyed eggs.  Levi picked a Pirate egg kit out of the Target ad a month ago.  He has been so excited about making pirates.  While we were doing the eggs, Levi ran around the table singing, "yo ho ho and a yo ho ho."  It was so cute and funny!

Here are the boys dying the eggs.

Ethan and I also bought a kit to make speckled eggs.  It was a good distraction while we were waiting for the pirate eggs to dry.  Here I am trying to show the boys how to "speckle" the eggs.

Here is the finished product.  The boys were supposed to give us their favorite pirate face, but only one participated!  

And then, because we just love to dress up so much, we had to get out our pirate stuff!

Here is Cale helping put the pirates together.  He did make the statement "this is the longest night ever!"  It was 10:00pm before we put the boys to bed tonight.  But I will say that this is the first year that it has not been completely stressful to color the eggs.  Plastic all the way until your kids are at least five! :-)

And now we are ready for our Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow night at Grandma's.  And for Pioneer Woman's Cherry Crisp that I am planning to make for dessert tomorrow!! Yumm!!!

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